Beth Kilmer Sketch

Beth Kilmer began her study of piano at age 7.  She has a Master of Arts degree in piano performance from Montclair State University.  While at Montclair, she studied with Konrad Wolff, who had been a student of Arthur Schnabel, renowned for his playing of Beethoven.  In later years she studied with Phyllis Vogel, concert pianist and professor of music at North Carolina State University.  Dr. Vogel studied in Paris under the tutelage of the well-known teacher, Nadia Boulanger.  Ms. Kilmer has given piano performances in Rhode Island and NJ.  She has taught music privately and in school, and was organist and choir director in a NJ parish for more than twenty years.  She is a member, and sometimes accompanist, of  the choir at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Pensacola.

Mike Kilmer Sketch

Taught by his mother, Mike Kilmer has been playing piano since age seven in 1976. As a teenager his mentors included Perry Robinson (Dave Brubeck band), Joe Ruddick (Phillip Johnston, Dee-Lite) and he studied Third Stream Music under Ran Blake at New England Conservatory. In 1991 Warner Brothers released a record with his band Sweet Lizard Illtet and he has also–with his partner Rivka as MadhaPPy–released on Bar/None records. Mike plays and teaches piano, voice, guitar, bass, accordion, composition and songwriting and also basic recording and production.